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Laird settles in as principal to bond students, faculty

Neither students nor teachers had
to worry about physical harm, about
unsafe or unsanitary conditions when
attending school. Probably not many
students gave the normal day-to-day
activities a second thought. Instead,
most students took things for granted.
But behind the scenes was principal
Ken Laird, who worked diligently to
make it all come together. Students
and teachers were able to go through
the motions of 175 days of school
without worrying or unnecessary distractions.
laird, who took over as principal in
January of the previous year by succeeding
Frank Lemmon, had settled
comfortably into his role by the time
September rolled around. He felt that
also the faculty and staff had settled
into their positions in a smooth fashion.
A typical day for him consisted of
the foll owing: making and receiving
telephone calls, conferences with
teachers, writing reports for the central
office, conferences with parents,
conferences with students, and visiting
Ken laird said his goal for the year
was to "provide the best possible
learning and teaching conditions for
students and teachers." Through perseverance
and hard work, he did just
Although this is laird's ninth year in
KISD administration, having served as
an assistant principal at Klein H.S. for
three years. and principal of Strack Intermediate
for four years, he has a total
of 30 years experience. Sixteen of
the 30 have been in administration.
The first 14 years he taught science,
social studies, and coached basketball
and football.

Bright and early, Ken Laird arrives promptly at
6:30 a.m. to begin a busy day. Photo by Lynda

Paper wook is a necessary pan of Principal Ken Lairds job. Photo by Lynda Green.

A strong supporter ol the Klein Bearkats, Ken Laird attends a basketball game with assistant
principal Kim Kaufman and wile Mary. Photo by Lynda Green.

Operating the public address system is a pleasure
for Ken Laird. Photo by Lynda Green.

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