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We found sense of belonging
in close-knit group activities
Group activities were responsible for the cohesiveness
found in our school probably more than anything else.
Togetherness was a by-word when several students congregated
at school for a specific purpose. Nothing linked
students together quite the way working toward a common
goal could.
In order to feel a part of a group, a student didn't have
to look far. Over 50 organizations existed this year such as
drill team, band, sports teams emphasized skill and precision.
Each group worked as one unit, for one goal. Medium-
sized organizations such as newspaper staff and drama
emphasized creativity and expression. Organizations such
as these were close-knit, met daily, and worked as a 'family
unit' because they spent so much time with each other.
Smaller organizations were numerous, each serving a special
purpose. Clubs met as often as once a week or as few
times as once a month. They catered to specialized interests
such as chess, bowling, mathematics, and Spanish.
Each grade level functioned as a whole. Seniors, for
example, had two dress-up days-Punk Rock Day and Celebrity
Day. Juniors sold candy to raise money for their
prom next year. Extracurricular activities such as dances,
pep rallies, socializing at places such as Mr. Gatti's afforded
students yet other opportunities to be involved with
others as a group.

Lynda Green and mascot Deann Serres link their spirit together.
Photo by Russell Gilbert.

Mr. Gatti's was a favorite place for Donelle Lile , Betsy Brewer and
Joe Marshell to go after the game. Photo by Russell Gilbert.

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